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1st Conference on English Language Studies (CELS), 30-31 October 2012

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz

CELS  is an attempt to provide opportunity for Iranian academics working in the field of English to gather in a two-day conference to present their latest research and exchange views on any of the announced themes of the conference. The need for this academic endeavor arises in view of three considerations: First, very few conferences on the subject have taken place at national  level recently and most Iranian scholars of the field have been presenting their research reports at international levels, which is of course most welcome in its own right. The second reason is implied by the first. That is, due to infrequency  of national forums on the subject a considerable lack of communication can be felt among the Iranian scholars. CELS aims at filling this gap by offering a wide range of research topics. The third consideration stems from both research and pedagogic concerns. Conferences of this caliber and nature are unique opportunities for postgraduate students not only to face the challenge of presenting their research but also find themselves in academic domains other than lectures and local seminars and thus get acquainted and communicate with and learn from their counterparts and scholars from other universities and research centres.

As the organizers of the 1st Conference on English Language Studies (CELS), we are happy to invite all Iranian scholars and postgraduate students in the fields of Applied Linguistics / English Literature to present papers during this two-day conference to be held in October 2012 by the Department of English Language and Literature of Azerbaijan Shahid Madani University (formerly Azarbaijan University of Tarbiat Mo’alem), Tabriz.



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